The Power of One Person

I met Tim Lynch about 8 years ago.  Describing him in a single word would be difficult but I would probably go with energetic. More than one word – almost zealous, devoted, committed, ready to be the change.  Tim and I discussed the State Street corridor many times.  He was excited about the possibility of State Street. He was willing to walk the talk.  Not only did he immaculately maintain his property, he maintained MDOT’s right of way along State Street. Tim was one of our best advocates for what State Street could be.

He passed away December 31, 2013.  During their January meeting, the State Street Corridor Improvement District Board discussed Tim’s passing.  Also on the agenda was a plan to institute an annual clean up event beginning this May.  It seemed like the two items were meant to be discussed together.  From that meeting, the Tim Lynch Spirit of State Street Award was created.

The award will be given annually to a business, nominated by the public and their peers, selected by the State Street Corridor Improvement District, for the businesses consistent, ongoing commitment to their property and business.  The business should represent “the face of State Street.”  A focus shall be not necessarily based on dollars invested but in the effort and impact of the thousands of little things that set a well cared for business apart.

Tim Lynch was a local Saginaw attorney with a  passion for the State Street Corridor.  In addition to the many other causes he was so active in, Tim quietly worked to keep State Street a thriving commercial corridor.  He was an avid supporter of keeping the area clean, attractive and well maintained.  He devoted his own money, time and effort to maintain sections of the roadway that would otherwise go unkept.  This award will be given annually to a business and or business person who exude these same characteristics and commitment to State Street.

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