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Once a year we are given an opportunity to show our appreciation, gratitude and love for those who helped raise us.  This year, we invite you to take these holidays as an opportunity to really explore the gift options that may literally be in your backyard.  The State Street Corridor offers amazing and diverse opportunities for gifting.  During the next several weeks we will serve as your personal shopping concierge and you will have no excuse for not giving a memorable and fantastic gift.  Do you have suggestions for a great, unique and State Street centered gift? Let us know by commenting here.


Reaching Out

As part of the development plan process, the State Street Corridor Improvement District officially received transfer of the Recreate State domain last week.  We are going to focus the next few weeks on updating and adding to this blog.

Our goal is for this site to be your driving force for information along State Street.  We don’t just want to limit it to shopping and dining.  State Street is much more than that. We want this site to be a place people can access information, share their thoughts and ideas and get – and stay – involved.  If you have ideas or thoughts you’d like to share please let us know.  Stay tuned for more updates.

Strategic CIA Board Planning Session

The CIA Board Planning Session is being held on Tuesday, September 11th at 11 am. The purpose of the meeting is to specifically discuss a framework for future business district revitalization. The intent of the Board Planning Session is to review past projects, discuss and bundle future CIA activities, programs, and projects into a work plan that the CIA can use to guide the preparation of the Corridor Development Plan. At this meeting the recommendations of the other community plans will be discussed for incorporation.

To prepare for this meeting, BRI staff conducted the following:

  • A tour of the State Street corridor with the Board or designated group of board members to assess existing conditions.
  •  A workshop with CIA district business and property owners to solicit input and ideas on projects and programs, and discuss the conditions along State Street. This meeting was open to the public and facilitated by Beckett & Raeder.
  • Compilation of this information for review by the CIA Board as part of the Strategic Planning Session.

Stay tuned for results of the CIA Board Planning Session!


Vision Session results are in!

Recreate State thanks everyone who participated in the Input Session held at Horizons Conference Center on July 18! Over 20 citizens gathered to discuss the future of the State Street Corridor, including its assets, liabilities, potentialities, and allies. The top three priorities to emerge from the meeting were:

  • Business participation
  • Community events such as music, art, expos, dances, wine tasting, concerts, etc.
  • Branding as a destination shopping district

Want to read the full set of results? Click the link below, or find them on the Documents page.

Vision Session Results: Recreate State Corridor Improvement Project

Welcome to the Project Website

Welcome! We hope that you will find this site helpful. We will keep you up to date on future meetings and project updates.